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I’ve spent my career in the marketing/advertising industry building strong, lasting relationships with business owners. What I’ve learned from them is that an overwhelming number of advertising agencies approach every client the same.  The same ideas, the same strategies, cookie cutter recommendations regardless of what the client actually NEEDS.

The problem is, not every client is exactly the same.  In fact, NONE are exactly the same.  I started Phoenix Marketing Group because I believe there is a better approach.  Treating each individual client as just that, an individual.  We take the time to listen to your goals, your needs, your wants, and we work with you to build a plan that will help you achieve those goals.  Just as every person is unique, so is every business.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Phoenix Marketing Group is proud to announce that we’ve won 2023 Advertising Agency of the Year for Kansas!!
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We take the time to listen to your goals, your needs, your wants, and we work with you to build a plan that will help you achieve those goals.

Strategy & Placement

Let our industry experts help create a custom plan for success!
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From custom logos and design work to national advertising campaigns, PMG works with some of the very best creative talent in the industry.
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Consulting & Training

Sales, Management, and Business consulting. Learn the way.
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Our Specialists

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My expertise is in media buying and I have a track record of getting more out of less that sets me apart from the competition.

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Director of Accounting

With decades of experience from an Accounting Clerk to a Full Charge Bookkeeper, I thrive on ensuring the accuracy of customer’s accounts.

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Media Director

Think bigger to deliver more – while keeping a positive mindset through every phase of the media buying process. This has been my credo.

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Office Coordinator

I absolutely love the challenges, experiences, people and fun that comes with every new day in the business.

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From Account Representatives

Most agency Media Buyers use an aggressive, almost bullying, approach to working with media reps. They feel like they have all of the power so they don’t work WITH the reps because they see them as a liability. PMG has a completely different mindset. We view media reps as an additional resource to help us give our clients the best results. There are a LOT of numbers that we look at and crunch to help us make our decisions with media placement, however, there is only so much a piece of paper can tell you. We believe that media reps can help us fill in the gaps. They have local knowledge about their market and they are experts about their individual stations and community. Our strategy with the media reps we work with is the same as with our clients, the more successful we can help our reps become, the more successful they will help us become…and that success is passed on to our clients. We value our partnerships with all of the media reps that we work with and, while we demand a lot out of them, we always make sure they know that their input is valued. We believe it is VERY rare in our industry to have the relationship that we have with our media reps and we take great pride in being able to display positive testimonials from our media reps.



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