Calhoun’s is a local, family owned jewelry store who had been running local TV and Radio ads prior to signing with us. Their media placement was not bad. They were running on one TV station throughout the year with a secondary station run during 1/3 of the year to promote sales. Similarly, they were running on one Radio station throughout the year with some supplemental schedules to push sales during 1/3 of the year as well. With both TV and Radio, the majority of their commercials were running in “low cost” rotator spots rather than focusing on their target demographic.

Our goal, when it came to their media placement, was to try and make their media budget go farther without spending more money.

On the TV side, we were able to take them from one full time (annual) station to FOUR, we DECREASED the spend by 6%, INCREASED the total commercials by 415%, and are reaching over 95% of their target demo in the market.

For Radio, we reallocated some of that savings from TV into radio which allowed us to take them from one full time station to two. However, with only a 4% increase in spend, not only did we gain a full annual schedule on a second station, but we were also able to INCREASE the total commercials by 96%.

Overall, we had a 2% DECREASE in spend with a 139% INCREASE in commercials. All of that while focusing specifically on their target demographic to help increase the effectiveness of the commercials.