Annie Degenhardt
Marketing Director, Calhoun's Jewelers, Topeka, KS

We’ve been working with Seth for years now and can confidently say that Seth is the best! He really listens to our needs and is constantly working to ensure that we receive the best results for our budget.  His expertise is invaluable and his communication is top-notch! It’s such a relief to know that Seth and Phoenix Marketing Group are taking care of us.

Jeremy Lamb
Director of Marketing and Communications, Newcomer Funeral Service Group, Topeka, KS

Working with Phoenix Marketing has been a great experience.  The attention to detail given to our account and the efficiency of the media buying has made my job so much easier.  Each year we have been able to maximize our impressions while staying at or under budget in every market we buy.  I always feel like Seth and Phoenix are an extension of my team and have our best interest in mind when making recommendations.

Account Representatives

Leigh Spencer
Local Sales Manager at Spectrum Reach, Dayton, OH

I have been working in media for 16 years & have worked with numerous agencies/ buyers over the years. Seth stands out to me as he understands the importance of a true partnership for him & the client as well as his media partners & our relationship. He values feedback, is always respectful & appreciative of everyone’s time. Seth offers a level of professionalism & kindness that I truly value & hope to continue building on.

Briana Ridzi
Marketing Consultant, WRGB/WCWN, Albany, New York

The Phoenix Marketing team is top notch! The agency prides itself on detailed communication with stations across the country, responding quickly and at all hours of the day! This agency does not hide behind email. Seth actually picks up the phone to leverage the best value and customer service from each station. By working hand in hand with media outlets, Phoenix Marketing works hard to achieve the best outcome for their clients.

Nicole Linde
Senior Account Executive, Effectv, Indianapolis, IN

I’ve had the privilege of working with Seth Stevens for a few years and he is one of the most thorough and buttoned up media buyers that I’ve had the honor to work during my 23 year career.  He is a good listener, savvy and attentive to his client’s needs and end goals.  Seth can be trusted with your business and is committed to making the relationship a partnership.  He is a trusted advisor in the industry and one I have confidence in to serve our mutual clients business needs.

Claire Spielberg
Account Executive at Cox Media Group, Orlando, FL

Seth is a dream! From an Account Executive’s perspective, Seth is creative and super committed to his clients, their strategies, campaign performance, and what’s driving results. In addition to his unwavering passion for his clients, he’s genuine, kind, and respectful to his reps, connected to the local market, and eager to deepen his relationships – which only enhances the partnership with the market for his clients. After years of working with Seth, I feel I can call him a friend and I would undoubtedly refer any client of mine, or business owner I know, to Seth if they were in need of his creative or strategic services!

Andrew Mulcahey
WBNS-10TV & Pixelent Digital, Columbus, OH

Seth, Nora & the Phoenix Marketing Group team are wonderful to work with. They bring energy, positivity and a new-age approach to their client, which translates well at the station level. Our time working together has helped bring continued success to the client and has allowed them to become a partner to our station.

Lynley Gee
Local Sales Manager at Spectrum Reach, Overland Park, KS

Seth Stevens is one of the most buttoned-up media partners I have worked with in my 15+ year career. He is extremely strategic and his attention to detail is next to none. He is always willing to collaborate and think outside the box. He is well-versed in several different industries and media platforms.

Morgan Ryan
Account Executive, CBS, Denver, CO

Seth and Phoenix Marketing are wonderful to work with, and provide the right mix of challenge to me (as an Account Executive), as he does great work for his clients. Working with Seth to secure media is seamless, he is responsive, clearly cares about his clients (the challenge) as he negotiates the best deal for his advertisers. Something I most appreciate is Seth’s thoroughness, he not only goes through a proposal with a fine tooth comb, he also provides traffic instructions that are extremely detailed and organized… his emails to Account Executives usually entail anything you’d need to know, at length, eliminating confusion and back and forth…hence the seamless part. Everything from media placement, to changes in schedules, and billing, Seth is both professional and fun to work with… a very refreshing combo!! I am excited to see where Phoenix marketing goes!

Ken Deutch
Senior Account Executive at Spectrum Reach, St. Louis, MO

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Seth Stevens for the past several years on the Newcomer Funeral Home account. He is, without question, one of the most knowledgeable and respected media negotiators I work with. He works diligently on behalf of his client to ensure they receive the most effective schedule possible and understands the value of a great partnership.

Lawrence Bisig
Account Executive, WDRB, Louisville, KY

Seth is a great partner to work with because of his transparency. There are no games or ambiguity when it comes to working with Seth. He tells you exactly what he is looking for and if he needs to see tweaks to a plan he is very upfront and gives you the opportunity to make corrections he needs in order to meet client goals. Seth is very timely and easy to get a hold of which makes everyone’s job easier. You can tell he values his relationship with his media partners.

Loni Molacek
Strategic Account Executive, Spectrum Reach, Overland Park, KS

I’ve had the opportunity to partner with Seth on several accounts this year and I must say he is one of my favorite agents to work with. Not only is he eager to do what’s best for his clients, but he’s also willing to learn new marketing opportunities to give his clients the upper hand over the competition. Working alongside of Seth has been a pleasure and I’m looking forward to working with him in the future.